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Hello, my name is Craig White II. I build digital products, with knowlege and passion, that are designed to help people acheive their individual [or business] goals online.

Thinking comprehensively, before the design process begins, ensures that my products are accurate in addressing your needs. Your online presence will grow by integrating new business ideas, innovations, and interfaces to meet your user's needs without comprimising your business objectives.


Android, iOS, Mac, PC, Web... reach the people EVERYWHERE. You’ll always be able to represent yourself or your business with responsive web design and iOS/ Android compatibility.

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Case Studies

I have worked to integrate technology into a variety of disciplines. No matter the project, a fluid design process is key - and it starts with you. Once we've discussed your goals for a project, I will carefully select tolls to address the problems you have encountered while attemtping to represent yourself (or your business) online.

Here is some of the work that I have finished recently:



Your first consultation is free. Understanding you means understanding your needs. We will research your industry and how you have used digital products in the past. I will then begin to plan the most essential steps in creating a design that communicates the message, makes your product useful, and is aesthetically refined.

Content Creation

Your new digital content [engaging text, photography, and video] will be dynamic, interactive and fully responsive. From pre-production through post-production, I will work closely with you and my partners to ensure a seamless process with expert execution.

Web Design

The standards, trends, and techniques in web design are constantly evolving. The solution to adapting in this environment requires following three principles: Keep it simple, engaging, and interactive.


Once you've approved the initial design and we all understand the project goals, I will begin to execute the plans we've agreed on. Every bit of craftsmanship will be brought ot the table to shape your new digital identity. I will always insist that our products be launched in strategic increments so we cal begin to collect real user feedback at an early stage.

Testing & Launch

Will a different or new web presence work? I attack that fear with thorough planning from the beginning. Constant evaluation of our products, using analytics, gives us the flexibility to to adjust tactics quickly in order to acheive our desired results.


I am here to pursue my ultimate passion - building things to improve the lives of others. This goal requires honest and straightforward collaboration. That is why all of our clients receive a full year of additional technical support after their products are launched.